Art Bus 2010
Art Bus 2010

Art Bus 2010 is a collaboration between artist Cybil Guess and the teenage members of Club Arthouse. The work is a multidisciplinary project that expresses the First Night Austin 2010 theme- Illumination. Ms. Guess facilitated a series of workshops in which the students developed a thoughtful interpretation of Illumination and worked together to realize a large scale public artwork. The culminating project, a bus wrap graphic and public presentation, is a result of work in visual art, creative writing and performance art. Art Bus 2010 is intended to empower young artists in Austin and build our community's confidence in the power of creativity.

Art Bus 2010 was featured in the First Night Austin Procession and showcased after the procession on the First Street Bridge to over 100,000 event attendees. After the FNA event the Art Bus 2010 will go into circulation and be on the streets of Austin for up to 12 months.

About Club Arthouse
Club Arthouse is a free, intensive program for Austin-area high school students who have a strong interest in visual arts, allowing them to delve more deeply into contemporary art one afternoon each week. Club Arthouse is hosted by Arthouse at the Jones Center. For more information visit

This project was made possible with the generous support of 3M, Capital Metro, Faye and Walker Architecture, and Arthouse at the Jones Center.
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