Organizational Culture

F+W prides itself on nurturing a fun, playful and creative work environment. We work hard to find a balance between the serious work we do and the comic relief that we feel is an essential part of well-being. We encourage self expression and love to bring together everyone's ideas in an effort to challenge standards. We want to create an environment and process that improves the lives of those with whom we interact. We pride ourselves on being part of a learning community where creativity, reading and exploration of ideas though curiosity are highly honored. The multidisciplinary nature of our firm springs from our respect and interest in many fields. We see the value of all types of team members, from romantics and dreamers to scientists and academics.

We recognize that all projects require time and energy. We believe that anything that is worth expending time and energy is worth making fun. We strongly believe that the type of energy put into a project is reflected in the end result. A project that is created under stress and frustration ultimately feels awkward or lacks sensibility; projects created with thoughtful energy and influences will illuminate the people who experience them with these qualities. We like to provide a work environment where people like to be. We like to have client meetings that we all look forward to. We like to take time out of our schedule to contribute to the community through volunteer work and involvement in the arts. We like to end our Friday at 4pm with adult beverages and engaging conversation about our work, our hobbies and our lives.
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