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Emotional Capital

Quoted in her work in 2002, Prof. Dr. Benedicte Gendron defined the concept of emotional capital as the set of emotional competencies which constitute a resource inherent to the person, useful for the personal, professional and organizational development and takes part in social cohesion, to personal, social and economic success" (Gendron, 2004, 2006).

"Furthermore, because of its impact on performance (at school as at work and for the organizations), on well-being (life satisfaction, health...) and on social cohesion and citizenship, emotional capital should be taken into account seriously by public and educational policy-makers and practicians and companies."

"To end, emotional capital is the set (resource) of emotional competencies which gives individuals and organizations the ability to use emotions to help individuals at solving problems and living a more effective life and the organization at facing economics and social changes and being successful and surviving in the new economics world. Emotional capital without capital (physical, human, social and cultural), or capital without emotional capital, is only part of a solution. With it, it is the head working with the heart and the hands. All of the three H need to be combined... taking into account the three H of each individual: Hands, Head and Heart." (Gendron, 2004, p.31).

At Faye and Walker we use our work to invest in our community in a way that adds to the value of emotional experience. There is recognition that an individual’s well-being can be tied to the environment(s) to which they are exposed. It can also be affected by art, relationships, music, food and nature. It is our goal to identify the factors most important to the users of our spaces and bring them into harmony through thoughtful design.

We believe everyone has an intuitive understanding of the spaces they occupy and we all strive to find our ideal spaces. We work with individuals, families and organizations to identify how their spatial needs can be better met. Providing a language with which to discuss the issue of space, Faye and Walker targets the client’s core needs, and from these draws the indicators necessary to achieve a formal and spatial solution.
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